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Training for Social Care Work in the UK

As much as our team works tirelessly to help aspiring social care workers find their dream job, landing the job will still require active training on your part. We’re able to provide the credentials employers look for on CVs.
We approach training with the needs of both workers and employers in mind. Effective training will not only give your employer the confidence to hire you, but it will also give you the confidence to perform the job to the best of your ability, and get the most out of it.

Ready to get a job in Social Care?
You want to start any job on the right foot. At Social Care Direction, we’ve developed an insightful training program to benefit people on all levels of skill, and across all social care positions.

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We can advise you on the relevant courses and certifications needed to qualify for the role you’re hoping to fill. We can also help you obtain your diplomas or certificates, or provide classes to supplement your current credentials.


At Social Care Direction, we believe nothing is more important to gaining competence than practical, frontline experience. We prioritise this as a requirement for all our candidates. It makes you more appealing to employers, and gives you a good understanding of what a job in social care will entail.

Career Advice

With such a diverse range of jobs available within the care sector, it can be difficult to isolate the one that fits you best. We offer clear and conscious advice on which path you should direct yourself down based on your personality, your passions and your abilities. We also provide crucial knowledge about the jobs in question, including negotiating salary, hours, holidays, pension and attaining the benefits exclusive to social care workers.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

We’ll help you structure a resume that reflects your best attributes. Employers don’t have time to peruse each CV that reaches their desk at length. You need to craft a CV that snares their interest in a clean and informative manner, ensuring you stand out from the crowd.


Getting an interview opportunity is only the first step. We’ll answer the questions that often shroud interviews, by briefing you on how to conduct yourself, how to dress, the sorts of questions you should be prepared to encounter, and more.

Get closer to your dream job with the help of our dedicated professionals, who will serve as your mentors and counsellors in this exciting stage of your life.

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Looking for a job?

An occupation in social care is full of reward, including the fulfillment of helping people, the aspect of job security, a wide range of career choices within the field, and the vast potential for career progression. Social care is a huge market and offers multiple avenues, ranging from public to private sectors. We provide our candidates with the knowledge, advice and active assistance required to confidently find work in the growing social care sphere.

Looking for a candidate?

We’re conscious of what employers are looking for. We ensure all of our staff have gained experience in reputable roles, and that their background knowledge of the industry is fully applicable in practical situations. Candidates supplied through us already have pertinent qualifications, frontline experience, and DBS checks to their name.

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