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About Us

Who We Are

Social Care Direction was born out of several fulfilling years of professional experience in the occupation. We understand how the market works, based on what it needs.

What We Do

We’re a recruitment agency specialising in bridging the right candidates with the right employers. We’ve secured the perfect candidate for a variety of clients, including the NHS, local authority social services and private health and social care providers.

We’re looking for people who share our passion. If you have an ambition to pursue social care, we can provide you with the relevant advice on choosing the most suitable career path, as well as the skills and practices that will render you an invaluable asset to your next company.
If you as an employer have a particular need, we’re certain to have trained a candidate who will be compatible with the role in question. Spare yourself the laborious and time-consuming process, by allowing us to recommend nothing but the best.

Skill Avenues

We’ve facilitated the hiring of candidates on behalf of both parties. We train our candidates to excel in a wide range of care fields, including:
  • Government or Business Sectors
  • Social Work
  • Home Care
  • Clinical and Medical Care
  • Old Age Homes
  • Illness and Disability Care
  • Health Care
  • Child, Adult or Elderly Care

We can assign candidates capable of working:
  • Part-time or Full-time
  • On a Permanent or Contractual basis
  • On levels from Junior and Assistant to Manager and upward

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Looking for a job?

An occupation in social care is full of reward, including the fulfillment of helping people, the aspect of job security, a wide range of career choices within the field, and the vast potential for career progression. Social care is a huge market and offers multiple avenues, ranging from public to private sectors. We provide our candidates with the knowledge, advice and active assistance required to confidently find work in the growing social care sphere.

Looking for a candidate?

We’re conscious of what employers are looking for. We ensure all of our staff have gained experience in reputable roles, and that their background knowledge of the industry is fully applicable in practical situations. Candidates supplied through us already have pertinent qualifications, frontline experience, and DBS checks to their name.

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